Enjoy the water sports Menorca. Have fun participating in aquatic activities, Kayak, riding a horse in de beach, scuba diving  or snorkel. Take advantage of your holiday by learning some new activities (or improving some that you already know) with various surfing, windsurfing or scuba diving courses.

Menorca in Kayak

North and South coasts, the two different, extremely different, sides of Minorca, you simply can’t miss out on this experience brought to you by MENORCA EN KAYAK.
Menorca is a Biosphere reserve since 1993 with its unique and changeable landscape heritage. The Natural Park of “S’Albufera d’Es Grau” is the most important and largest protected area of the Island. With its wetlands, that are the largest in the Balearic islands, and its wide variety of wildlife, it’s a clear example of sustainable development.
In Es Grau, where we have our main operative base, we offer you guided excursions around this protected area. Excursions around Sa Torreta beaches and illa d’en Colom island.
In Cala en Porter we offer you guided excursions to the famous and known Cales Coves, a route rich for its cliffs and caves and historical importance of the prehistoric inhabitants of the island

Water Sport.

The constant sea breeze of the Mediterranean and the clime of Menorca offer ideal conditions to enjoy competitive or recreational sailing in a stunning environment. There is a wide range of water sport companies, who will be happy to offer you their variety of services. To make you enjoy wind surfing, kayaking, diving or that new sport that you have always wanted to try.

Sailing Day

Enjoy the fantastic beaches and anchoring-places of Menorca. We offer you the possibility of one day sailing.
You can join a group or rent the entire boat. Maximum 8 people including the skipper.
The departure point is the port of Mahon from leaves at 10:00 am. At lunch time navigation stops to rest, swim and have lunch in a beatiful spot. Navigation resumes to reach port at 6:00 pm.

scuba diving

Do not you ever wondered what secrets are hidden under the sea? Sure, when you were little yes. If you live in Europe and like to look around the deep sea you’re luck. So this summer, If you go on holiday, you already have an excuse to take this oportunity.
You can do this alone, with your partner, the family a group of friends. It is an activity that never disappoints, It gives us positive and relaxing sensations that make diving one baptism unparalleled experience and 100% secure.



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Signs in the history of Menorca

Camí de Binifadet 20
07710  Sant Lluis - Menorca
phone +34.609.732.421
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Camí de Binifadet 20
07710  Sant Lluis - Menorca
phone +34.609.732.421
mail: hotel@sontretze.com